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For questions regarding the admission's process, placement for yourself or a loved one, or if you would like to have more information mailed to you please Call:

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At Villa Crest, we love our volunteers!

Opportunities abound for people from all walks of life interested in sharing their interests with the residents of our Manchester, NH nursing home.

Opportunities to help

We specialize in matching our volunteers’ skills and special interests with those of our residents.

There are volunteer opportunities for people of all ages. Young professionals come to Villa Crest to share gardening during free time, older volunteers come to share meals with a favorite resident, and children from the community come in to adopt residents as foster grandparents.

Ways to have fun doing it

For volunteers at Villa Crest, nursing home activities aren't limited to bingo and sing-a-longs. Whether you have a little time or alot, there are dozens of ways to bring joy to the lives of others at our nursing facility.
  • Assist residents with painting , crafts, or other creative projects.
  • Using our computer , help a resident check and respond to e-mail or view favorite web sites.
  • Stroll with residents who want to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Join our buddy program and enrich someone’s life by coming in to talk, listen, enjoy music together, or pursue an activity of your interest.
  • Treat a resident to a spa experience . We provide all the supplies to set you up as an amateur nail artist-everyone loves to be pampered!
  • Help us form a nursing home knitting circle so that residents who spent a lifetime knitting will be able to practice their skills again.
  • Assist as a hostess at meals and other celebrations.
  • Enjoy baking and cooking with the residents. There’s nothing like the smell of home-baked cookies in the oven! We provide the supplies and some extra help-you get to be Betty Crocker!
  • Share your musical talents while utilizing a great free space to rehearse. Play your violin while our residents eat dinner or practice for your recital on our baby grand piano.
  • Bring in a well-behaved pet who can bring joy to our residents.

Feel comfortable, feel at home

There is no set time limit - give as much or as little time as you have. Volunteer work can be done one on one with residents or in small group settings with the help of one of our talented recreation staff people.

Our full-time volunteer coordinator is on-site at our long term care facility to provide all the supplies, equipment, and encouragement you might need.

The secret of volunteering at Villa Crest is simple. Whatever you give comes back to you in ways you cannot even imagine.

For more information or to get started, call: Susan Lievens, our volunteer coordinator, at 603-622-3262 x701 or volunteers@villacrestcommunity.com
If you would like to schedule a personal TOUR of the Villa Crest Community, please call (603) 606-7534
and we will arrange for someone to assist you at your convenience.

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